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It’s much more complex than just a game.

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They’ve signed Madridismo. Bale, a fan since he was a kid. James, the same. Kroos, he left Bayern Munich for Madrid, for those who don’t know; Germany is Bayern Munich and Mercedez, they’re that big. & he left that for Madrid. These are players that know what it is to love Real Madrid & who will fight for the honor of that crest.
—Real Madrid analysts during the James Rodriguez presentation.  (via rightside11)
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My favorite thing about Real’s recent signings is that they all wanted to come to Madrid. Before any deal was finalized, they blatantly let it be known to the soccer world to not even bother to make bids, that they only wanted to go to one club. The passion you play with for a…

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My first memory of Madrid? when Zidane, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos were on the same team.
— James (via hala-madrid11)
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Cristiano Ronaldo or Michael Jackson? | July 22, 2014

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Hmmm, I wonder how many Cules knew about Neymar before he joined Barcelona from watching the Brazil Série A?


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I legitimately don’t understand the shit Arbeloa is getting….jeez give the guy a break will ya

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World Cup footage

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It’s like when they look into the camera in The Office.


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Toni Kroos’ first moments on the Bernabeu pitch as an RM player | 17-07-14

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